Saturday, May 25, 2013

{{{ OOPSY DO! }}

I AM SO FAR FROM PERFECT that it drives me nuts.........

I worked on this blog post ALL week...I checked and double checked a million times with the people... and then just now as I was showing Mr. Keev the final product, I realized I forgot a VIP!!! 

{ P...(Peggy~Mrs. C) Has been a very special blessing to SMCA! She has given MUCH of her time to volunteer at SMCA part-time! Her smile in the office is a reminder to everyone that it IS a good day! She and her husband, the judge (a Holy Trinity grad himself) are the biggest SMCA supporters I know. They have donated so MUCH to SMCA throughout the years! }

Peggy I am SO sorry for not posting about your wonderfulness, but you know that I think that you are! You and the honorable TC have always been and always will be near and dear to my heart!!!

I also forgot to mention...
{ N...(Nancy~otherwise known to me as Naomi's mom!)... I do not know her personally, but when I looked back at the school picture, remembered that she has been helping Ms. Lisa in the cafeteria this year. Without parents who give of their tremendous time, SMCA could never gave been so great!}

Two more amazing members of the SMCA fam! 

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