Tuesday, July 2, 2013

{{ Follow your heart...even if it takes you all the way to California... }}

Hello All! I mentioned before in my "Shout Out to SMCA" blog post that I decided move to California last July...
(Thus the entire theme of my blog!!!)

What a journey this past year has been...

I have to add... Mr. Keev has been waiting for his big reveal for a while now...wondering when and how he would get to be a part of my big, bad blog!!! It's his time to shine ;) Without sounding too mushy and gushy, I'll sum him up by saying he's my partner in crime, my voice of reason, my helper to being more free spirited, and my source of every day humor! I adore him!!

Now I’m going to give a quick series of the string of events that led me to where I am today...

(Ms. Boogie, best friend and amazinggg cake maker ;) ) 

***Feb 2011: Mr. Keev and his music partner decided to move to LA in the winter of 2011. We went through lots of ups and downs apart (long distance is HORRIBLE!) and after a year and a half of long distance, I decided to follow my heart...all the way to California. Leaving a small town is stressful, especially when you love everything about it and all of your family and friends so much. I just felt like moving to California was the chance of a lifetime for me, and I had to do it or I'd look back one day and wonder what my life would be like if I would have tried it.

It was difficult working out all the details. I wanted all of my t's crossed and i's dotted... I tried to keep the chain of events in order by telling people myself, but word gets around town faster than the blink of an eye where I come from... I didn't get to tell everyone I wanted to tell myself!

I was excited and nervous, happy and scared, anticipating and dreading. Every positive and negative emotion you could think of was going through my head but my heart kept tugging towards the road...

So in July of 2012... I went for it.... 

   ***July 2012: My dear friends Meagan and Scott got married and when all of the festivities were complete, it was time to say goodbye...

(me, Mama Celine, beautiful Meags, Abb & Boogie) 

have I told you...I AM THE WORST AT GOODBYES! 

(What's missing from the Charlie Brown photo is sobbing and hugging and not letting go!)

I packed every belonging I own (ok not everything but lots of stuff) into a massive moving truck, trusted the movers to drive away with everything (AND) to eventually deliver it (two weeks later). Mr. Keev (my main squeeze) and I drove across the country in my jam packed Jetta where we stopped in Oklahoma, Arizona and finally at...THE GRAND CANYON! It was an emotional journey, but a trip where I could just feel my wings stretching out and me beginning to fly. I had NO clue what the future held, but I knew it would be exciting!

This is what the apartment looked like when my stuff arrived...

Here are some pictures below from the move! It was an amazing trip for sure!

Definitely snapped this pic while I was driving through New Mexico...gorg!


 Our view of the Grand Canyon!!! :) 

  ***August-March: I have nannied for a family with an 8 year old girl (Ms. S) and 10 year old boy (Mr. E) for almost a year now! I have had some amazing opportunities since I started. I've gotten to travel to Utah where I got to ski, meet Rick Springfield- (oh how I love Jessie's Girl!), hang with Andrew Luck (the Colts quarterback) and beat him in bowling, to Hawaii for Christmas (the Big island!) and now we are traveling abroad!

I wanted to give a little background knowledge of my life before I start my Europe blogging! Since the kids are journaling I thought it might be a perfect time for me to blog too! :)

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