Thursday, August 8, 2013


(30 minutes outside of Switzerland!) 

 I didn’t get to see that Italian city of fashion (MILAN), but I did get to go to an amazing place called Lake Como! We stayed at one of the most famous (I of course am just learning this!) and beautiful hotels ever! It rests on the shore of Lake Como. It has huge floating pool that rocks with the lake and is a fast track lullaby for any sleepy jet lagged nanny! We went to lunch on an island where we had delicious food and ice cream (clearly we eat too much of that!) and then hung out at the pool...until it started raining... womp womp. We spent some time inside before going to dinner at the Black Cat. I think it is truly the best meal, with the best view I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying. I highly recommend Lake Como and the Black Cat if you ever visit there! 
During our boat ride we saw lovely ancient homes, 
and even George Clooney’s estate and boat on the water. 

Now it’s time for some much needed sleep. Tomorrow we will enjoy the hotel and pool for a bit and head to ROME! I have dreamed about going to Rome my ENTIRE life. I can not believe tomorrow is the day! Hurry up 2:00!!! :) I will post more soon!!!

 (Our hotel!)

(Lunch on the Island)

 (View from lunch above and below)

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