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 Ercolano &

Monday, June 24:

Today we got up, finished packing up, and drove away from Rome. Though I am sad to leave, I will have very happy memories of that ultra fabulous place! We drove to the airport and hoped on the plane. It took a little bit longer than normal to go through customs because of the kiddos’ swords that they got from the Coliseum. The Rome airport had to have permission for them to get on board the private aircraft. A direct quote from one of the workers, “I am sure the kids aren’t planning to hijack the plane, but we have to be safe.” I was cracking up, but I guess I get it...those swords are the real deal! 

We headed to Naples on the plane and the trip took about an hour. I was sad when we got off the plane because Jenny had to go back to Rome because the plane wasn’t allowed to stay in Naples. We jumped in another taxi and took a trip to Ercolano. We could see the massive volcano Mt. Vesuvius (the volcano that destroyed what is now Naples) during our ride there. Ercolano is another place very similar to Pompeii that is way less crowded and much smaller. It was crazy how many things remained in this city. First of all, the ocean extended so far into the city back then. True proof that everyday we lose more and more water each day! They also were amazing decorators and had beautiful fountains and fresnos all over their homes. “Fast food” restaurants were on the corners there and there were drinking water fountains in the city. Their bathrooms were in the same rooms as their kitchens (ew, gross!) because it was the easiest for the water flow. Sewers were similar to the sewers we have today. They were just so stinking smart back then in the 10s. After the the volcano erupted, a tsunami hit. We also got to see the open gates which show civilians’ bones who tried but could not away from the aftermath. It was crazy interesting, but sad too that their lives ended so abruptly. It was hot her too. Another thing, the Italians we have met are not very kind or helpful. Since it’s my job to ask for things, they dislike ME! I don’t think so many people I’ve met have ever been so unfriendly. Smiling is NOT contagious for them!

We headed back to the Naples airport after visiting Ercolano. In order to get to Capri, you can take either a ferry (50 minutes), speed boat (30 minutes) or helicopter (15 minutes). We took a helicopter...which was so much fun because I had never been on one before. I’ve really felt like I’m on the Bachelorette without the dating process ;)! The island view was so gorg! We flew around the island and were able to see some awesome views.

When we landed, we took a 20 minute cab ride to the city. Oh Em Gee cab drivers are crazyyyy! I’m not even kidding. They will take someone out in order to get you to your destination! Somehow or another, they never wreck and the roads are so narrow. I also got my own room here, but it was the furthest room away from their room so getting back and forth was sort of a hike! I couldn’t figure out how to turn the lights on (I later learned that you just stick the key in to do this) so the first day/night was spent in the dark haha. I got to do some shopping on the island while the kiddos and Mr. C hung out at the indoor and outdoor pool. I got some cute bracelets and a few clothes and ran back to the hotel to get ready for dinner.

Our dinner was at a touristy place, but it was still fun atmosphere. We ate under a huge lemon tree plantation (and the dessert buffet was incredible!) The evening had cooled off and the night was wonderful ;) My service rocked at the hotel so I got to talk to Mr. Keev forever and that was fun! I was missing him! Then my head hit the pillow and I don’t think I moved until my wake up call. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013:

The second day in Capri we went on a boat ride around the island. The boat we took was awesome and had the tides not been so high, it probably would have been perfect. The water was beautiful shades of blue. The cliffs were incredible. I wish the water had been more calm so we could have gotten to go to the Grottos. Unfortunately, we could only see the entrance to these places. The sun felt so wonderful and I worked on my tan. Soon it was time for lunch. Our boat was too big to get to the restaurant on the island so we had to transfer to a smaller boat. This was difficult with the raging waters and our tour guide fell getting in the boat. He acted like he was ok, but he fell so hard that I am positive he wanted to cry inside. At the restaurant some of the W friends were relaxing on the “beach.” Capri doesn’t actually have beaches but this area is the closest to beach like. There are rocks, and people lay scattered along the rocks. It pretty much looks like a seal habitat but with humans. We sat down for lunch and I’m not sure I mentioned...I AM CLUMSY! I went to pour some water and the glass bottle slipped right out of my hands, shattering on the concrete ground. Party.foul. I was slightly embarrassed, but the waiter came and swept it up.

Blue Grotto...waters were too rough to go inside but there is a beautiful statue of Mary inside at the top! 

After lunch, we decided to hike back to the hotel instead of taking the boat back in raging waters! The hike was long but beautiful (270 steps that Ms. S counted) and we were happy once we made it to the top. The kids stopped for some lemon ice drinks and we stopped at a couple of shops. Back at the hotel we went for a swim and ate some more lunch since we didn’t have much where we originally ate. Then, we also went in to indoor pool, which had metal seat warmers that were awesome. I need some of these in my life. I ran around outside with the kids for about an hour. We played tag and just relaxed near the pool. 

Lunch Location... (no beaches, so people lay on rocks like seals :) ) 
View from the Hike!

We headed to dinner at a place called Aurora and it was fun atmosphere. Ms. S was getting tired at the table so we went out and walked the shops. We had yet to get our magnets so we went into this shop with LOTS of original ceramics inside. I looked at her and asked her to be very careful because we are both “Bulls in a China shop!” Thank goodness, neither of us broke anything! 

At the hotel, I packed up my stuff and got to talk to my parents and sister and niece via facetime. I was so happy to see their faces and hear their voices. I am always a little family sick if I’m not with my family. Tomorrow, we head to our final stop, Paris France! I finally get to see the Eiffel Tower and hopefully put a lock on the bridge! The next three days will be unforgettable, too. Goodbye, Capri...You're quite lovely! 

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