Sunday, July 21, 2013

{{ My Californiaversary! }}

Mr. Keev was super pumped about his big reveal.... But then he asked me why I didn't elaborate more about my year here?? So I'm going to detail my "Californiaversary" using lots of pictures of my life since July 2012. Just one week away from the mark of one year...WOW!

July 2012:
Carrie Beth & Brit threw me an AMAZING  going away party before I left...

Meag & Scott became the Donalds...

I said goodbye to the Kindergarten life as I knew it...and headed to LA
(oddly enough, this was my 2011 k graduation theme!)

And headed on my cross country trip to LA (with Mr. Keev)...a measly 33 hours!

August 2012:
I didn't take many pictures in August...I guess I was busy unpacking and adjusting?? 
Mr. Keev on the beach in Santa Monica and getting used to the Laundry Mat...womp womp!


& then I received a super exciting phone call...
my best friend Boogie got engaged... 

September... My first birthday away from home!
Keev took me to Newport Beach for a Beach Day over Labor Day

We went to my first Dodgers game (we haven't been to one since! lol!)

And a romantic dinner :)

 it's my favorite season, but it doesn't really feel much different than summer here in CALI!
We did some exploring this month.... Burbank & Disneyland

Houndmouth came to the Troubadour! Love Hoosiers in LA!!!

Keev & I made new friends...To To!!! and carved pumpkins (my fav!!!)

And as if I didn't already know before I moved here...I was quickly learning...

I got to make my first visit home to Indiana for the IHSAA state finals!

So proud!!!

 I did see some of the Kardasians courtside at the Clippers game!

Mr. Keev had a birthday!

He really, really enjoyed celebrating 26.... a little too much I think!

We decorated our apartment and made it feel as much like home as possible!

I enjoyed my visit home to the fullest....
 My Grandpa played the CUTEST shepherd in his nursing home Christmas program :)

I read a Christmas story to last years' kindergarteners from Kristie's first grade classroom...

& went to Hawaii for Christmas with my nanny fam!

January 2013...
Brought in the New Year...

went to Utah...made a special friend!!! Jennnnnyyy!

Met Rick Springfield!!! I LOVE JESSIE's GIRL!!!

Beat Andrew Luck & some other football players in bowling!!!

 Took care of these cute little pups! I WANT A YORKIE POODLE!

My favorite month because I love love!!!


Bachelorette party centrallllllll for my two best friends...
 Brit was first!!

& then Boogie...
 love us!!!

Lots of hiking!!!
Met my new friend of "convenience" :) My neighbor Bea (far right!)!!!

Home for Zach and Brit's Big Day!!!

Super hard to leave family!

Boogie & Lukey's time to shine!!!


Until we meet again sweet Grandpa...
RIP Paul Andres
June 24, 1921-May 7, 2013

Thea went back to Texas.... :(
SMCA closed it doors.... :(

See you soon sister and Momma!
 Don't grow too much handsome nephews!!!

Visit to see Abbey in San Fran!!!

Houndmouth came again, this time to Bardot!

 Date day before 12 days apart....

Europe (A special blog coming soonish!!!)
With my nanny fam!
 Lake Como



I've had some planned and unplanned visitors this month (blogging to come!)
Lots of dear friends recently had engagements and weddings that will be coming up in 2014...
(Casey & Jimmie, Shawn & Alli, Abbey & Adam )
Hope all of my married friends start having babies (& more babies) soon!!!

Feeling very blessed about the last year of my life...and looking forward as always to the future!
Life is never what we expect, but much is to be expected!!!

 Here's to many more memories and blessings!!!