Sunday, July 27, 2014

Bachelorette Shenanigans

I am so lucky to have been able to be a part of many bachelorette shenanigans in the last few years. So many memories have been made, and I can not believe that *almost* all of my Indiana friends are married and moving/have moved well beyond to the next chapters of their lives (babies, babies, fav!)

My best friend Abb (who I must mention, has a pretty parallel life to mine) moved to California a little of a year ago. Since she moved to the same state, we have gotten to have some special times together that I have LOVED! The most recent (& prob my favorite!) was her recent bachelorette party in San Francisco. All of Abb's Cali friends gathered together to celebrate the soon to be Mrs.!!!

Here's how the weekend went down...

First, I got to go to Abb's final dress fitting (now that her big day has passed, I can show the pictures of the fitting!) Then we had lunch (margs) and did a little shopping.

Later, we had surprise make-overs given to us by her friend Jen. Here we are "al natural" before the make up!

Once we got glammed up, we met Abb's friend Rachel (who helped me plan much of the weekend) and jumped on the ferry to take us to the city. I love this about San Fran!!! 
 These were our first (& cheapest) cocktails of the night! 

It had been raining ALL day, but it stopped for us to enjoy the night~
When we hit the city, our first stop of the night was the Bubble Lounge! 
It was the perfect place to kick off Abb's wild evening!!! 

After the Bubble Lounge...we Ubered it to dinner and entertainment at AsiaSF...SO FUN! 
I recommend it for any Bachelorette Party in the San Fran area!
Arriving on the red carpet :) 
  They customized the menu here for Abb's dinner & 
this is us with the owner Skip, who was adorable (so bummed it's blurry)!
The entire dinner crew!
 A sneak peek at Abb's wild shenanigans :) 
SUCH a fun night...the rest of the photos from Friday are "top secret!"
Needless to say, the "Bride to Be" enjoyed herself (see her face below!)

Saturday was much more tame!
(other than Abb waking me up at 5:30am & everyone we start the day)!

We all boarded the "Hot Mess Express" to head to Napa for wine tasting and fun!

Inside to limo was a surprise for everyone.
Cups, itineraries for the day & goodies for "Kissing the Single Life Goodbye!"
contents included...ring pop, Advil, big red gum, & hair twisties

 It was an amazing weekend to celebrate an amazing lady!!! 
Abbey made a gorgeous bride!
I am so thankful to have been a part of some of the best days of her life so far :)!

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