Friday, March 29, 2013


{ TGIF!!! :) }

This week, I've been keeping my eyes peeled for some fabulous finds, and I think I've found something everyone who bakes would be better off having...everyone who loves to make cupcakes, that is! I discovered this week's find after a lovely (and wise) friend of mine had my mom and me over for a delicious dinner followed of course by YUMMY cupcakes!!! Thanks Lovely Linda!!! 

How many of you have ever been annoyed trying to get your cupcakes out of the pan to serve? The icing gets all over my fingers and being the clumsy girl I am, I've even dropped a cupcake or two (shocking I'm sure!) trying to get them out of the pan. Well, never again with this FABULOUS FIND! I present to you the Chicago Metallic Uptake Bake and Serve Cupcake Set for only $19.99... If you like it, you better get one fast. The website says they are on clearance!?

{here is the lid off of the cupcake pan lying flat on the table}

{cupcake pan sitting on top of the lid, 
this lifts the cupcakes up so that they are easily accessible!}


{pan topped with lid} 

This is my only find for the week.
Hope this is a fabulous find for you, too!!! 
& have a happy Easter weekend!!!


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  1. (first comment)... I LOVE THIS!!! And I'm a cupcake lover/baker; knowing the feeling of that hazardous removal from pan-to-plate. Haha!