Friday, October 4, 2013

Taylor Swift Concerttt

(If you are a Taylor Swift hater, I'm sorry, but I adore her!!!)
Let's be honest, I have LOVED Taylor Swift since she & I were a bit younger (like when she first released Mary's Song & Tim McGraw). I have always felt like she was writing her songs for me... and I love how much she loves love, too! I have wanted to attend her concert now for many years...but it just never seemed to fall at the right time...that is...until NOW!!!!

After searching for tickets, I finally gave up. I just couldn't choose what was the best bang for my buck at the Staples Center and decided I'd just have to go another time in my life. many 29 year olds want to go to her concert anyway (cough, cough, ME!)? Next time I decided to go, I could con some adorable Taylor Swift fans under the age of 10 to go with me...

Early in the morning my aunt and uncle surprised me with lunch and a little LA touring at the Observatory... Keev joined us after work and we were just taking our time checking out everything and chatting away. That night, after saying goodbye to the fam, our friend was having some people over. We changed and were headed there...or so I thought! Once we got in the car, Keev started driving the opposite direction of our friends' very nearby place...when I asked him where we were going...he revealed it... and told me....the TAYLOR SWIFT concert!!! I almost peed...I swear... you could not wipe the grin off my face! I'm so happy that I wore this polka dot shirt because I just know she would have loved my outfit (if she'd have seen me)! ;)
 I know I look like the cheeseball that I am, but this face is genuine excitement about what is about to happen!!! 

Taylor did her thing and I stood and danced like a child the entire concert. The only person there that was happier than me was this little 12 year old next to me who screamed, every single song break, at the top of her lungs... "I LOVE YOU TAYLOR!!!!" 
I knew every single word she sang and it was pretty much a perfect night! 
Her surprise guest you are wondering???
Jenny from the block. YUP! Amazing!!! 
 He's a Keeper!!! 
 We met our friend Jenny out after the concert and I snagged she and I matching TSwift tees (and we proudly wore them at the bar)...because she loves her too!
"Lovin' him is red...burning red!"

Keev and Taylor...WHAT A STELLAR NIGHT!!!

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